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Supporting Affirm

As Affirm we want to be able to support LGBTQ+ Baptists in the best way we can. Recognising the growing number of LGBTQ+ Baptists in leadership and ministry and those who affirm the place of LGBTQ+ people in Baptist Churches, we have introduced a new membership structure to enable us to offer the best support we can.

We are offering the opportunity to become a member of Affirm, a supporter of Affirm, or become a supporting church. 

Members: LGBTQ+ Ministers & Leaders in Baptist Life (recommended £5 a month).

Supporters: Allies from across Baptist Life (giving by means and conscience).

Supporting Churches: Baptist Churches that are members of Baptists Together and wish to support the work of Affirm. £100 a year.

So what does being a Member, supporter or supporting church look like?


Caring and Connecting:

  • Offering pastoral support for LGBTQ+ Ministers and leaders both personally and professionally. 

  • Being a safe space for ministers and leaders to discuss their gender identity and sexuality without fear of judgment or discreditation. 

  • If appropriate, connecting LGBTQ+ ministers and leaders with other LGBTQ+ ministers for spiritual and emotional support. 



  • Working with members and supporters, spearheading discussions at both the grassroots level and at the National level to push for the Baptist Union to remove the bar on LGBTQ+ ministers not being able to get married and remain accredited.

  • Work with local churches, associations, and national structures to recognise the safeguarding responsibilities they have for LGBTQ+ ministers, leaders and members in their churches. 

  • Achieve a dedicated ‘co-opted seat’ on Baptist Union Council for LGBTQ+ representation.



Keeping them up to date with discussions happening in Baptist Life. Encouraging and engaging with Supporters to be involved in campaigns as and when necessary. Encouraging Supporters to connect with other members and supporters in their Associations.


Supporting Churches

Like supporters + Helping them with discussions at church meetings about being affirming not just inclusive. Connecting churches in regions who are Supporting Churches. 

If you want to become a Member, Supporter or Supporting Church. Please download these forms, fill them in and send them to Revd. Andy Fitchet, Co-Director of Affirm at



We rely on your subscription fees and donations to put on our events and provide training. All of our team are volunteers who give their time willingly to support Affirm.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can get involved

Host an Event

we are always looking to create opportunities for learning across the UK. Can you or your church host an event?


We are looking to share stories, knowledge, resources and voices of inclusion. Do you have a poem, art work, a story, or a blog you could share?

Speak out

The most important thing for everyone to do is to speak up and speak out. To not simply have an inclusive view point but to actively be affirming!

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